Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Impact of Long Term Care III

Most of us envision ourselves living a long life. Ideally we have planned throughout our working years for retirement by creating a financially sound retirement portfolio which will allow us to live our retirement dreams. While plannning, it's important to understand the potential impact that needing long-term care may have on your assets, your family and your future. The financial impact is obvious. In the event that you may require long term care, if a plan hasn't been put in place prior to the need, the costs associated for this care is significant. What may have taken you a lifetime to accumulate so you could retire and maintain your desired lifestyle can be seriously eradicated by just paying for a couple of years of long term care. If the care is provided by family, the emotional and physical toll that it can take on your loved ones can be significant. The care givers in this type of situation can get exhausted emotionally and experience physical wear and tear, (just ask anyone you has found themselves in this position). The consequences don't end there. Your quality of life and ability to maintain your independence within your community are also impacted by not having a plan in place. This is the type of situation that most of us would like to avoid and the only way to do that is with prior planning. Remember long term care insurance provides a steady, predictable stream of income which your family can rely on to provide for you.  The greatest benefit that long term care insurance provides is this: your loved ones are able to care ABOUT YOU instead of having to care FOR YOU.

Next we'll discuss the planning process.


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  3. “The greatest benefit that long term care insurance provides is this: your loved ones are able to care ABOUT YOU instead of having to care FOR YOU.” That is one good point in seeing how life insurance works for every individual and family. Anyway, one should remember to first learn how the insurance will benefit him/her. It would be best to ask questions like, “What are the features of this particular life insurance?” or “How to file a claim and how long will it take to obtain that claim?”

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  6. This will be very helpful to the elderly who are already alone in their homes and their kids have their own families. Some of their kids can’t really focus on taking care for their sick and weak parents, so they’ll also end up paying a caregiver or a nurse to help their parents. Having this long term care plan will keep an elderly person assured that somebody will be help them and care for them when the time comes that they can’t fend for themselves.

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